Waiting sucks.  So, we designed a service and interactive engagement experience that eliminates waiting completely or, at least, make it suck a lot less.

PulseBox Health’s bespoke solution turns waiting AND not waiting into a strategic advantage for physicians and health systems.

PulseBox Health enhances the consumer experience and physician-patient relationship by providing contextual, personalized and actionable insights.

Diets don’t work.  Kinzeo is a device paired with an intelligent software platform that employs advanced analytics and machine learning to help people attain their ideal weight in a novel and sustainable way.


KINZEO will let you know when it’s time—either manually or with your bluetooth scale.


Sync your favorite activity tracker data with KINZEO.


For a single meal, throughout the day, or revel in your changes since you started


Tools to meet your goals whether you have 10 pounds or 100 to lose.

Healthcare payers and providers are data rich and information poor. Veo is a cloud-based platform built on blockchain that makes the cleansing, aggregation, visualization and sharing information seamless across disparate organizations. Veo fills potential gaps in care, reduces complexity,  optimizes financial performance and improves patient, provider and payer experience.

Home is where health happens. 65% of baby boomers want to stay in their homes as they age. Televero® is a virtual presence, telehealth, remote monitoring, and care coordination platform.

Developed for people struggling with health issues and the physicians and nurses that care for them, this enterprise-class, cloud-based technology makes it easier to collaboratively manage large groups of people with chronic illness when they’re outside the walls of healthcare facilities – – – all in a very personalized and cost effective way.

Consumer-Driven Lab Testing

Everyone should have access to technology that allows individuals, doctors, caregivers and family members to collaboratively manage health and wellness — as a cohesive team—anytime, anywhere.


CGate’s SaaS platform gives physicians the ability to order and view lab results anywhere and anytime. Labs represent 70% of the data in EMRs.

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