Introducing the real amazon prime health. Ready?

I just finished reading a few more op-eds on how Google, Walmart, Facebook, Comcast and the yet-to-be-named Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan Chase (ABC) not-for-profit are going to fix healthcare. Unfortunately, most new entrants will likely give way to an industry perfectly designed to yield the same current results — questionable outcomes, gross inefficiencies and perverse, out-of-control consumer pricing. The C-suites of all these companies openly admit how difficult and complex the task will be, and few are envisioning board meetings ending with everyone high-fiving and chanting “we got this.”
Whether new entrants succeed or not is irrelevant. Either way, they’re positively pushing the incumbents, challenging the status quo, placing the industry under a microscope and, more importantly, pressure testing a system to see if it has any chance of becoming a true consumer market.

From what I’ve read, those predicting how a company like Amazon will disrupt healthcare all seem to be pointing to the obvious like leveraging their tremendous buying power to negotiate better

pricing and having Alexa remind us to take our medications or order our next PillPack. Simple tactics and technology alone will not fix the complexities and fundamental issues of our current healthcare system, for which “sick care” is a more accurate Read More